3D Gelatin Art is a fun, exciting and new take on traditional gelatin desserts. Rising in popularity, 3D Gelatin Art allows people of all ages and skill levels to create beautiful and delicious masterpieces that will have your friends and family oohing and ahhing!
With unlimited possibilities, Art De Gelatin is your one stop source for all your creative needs. Our website is equipped with all the tools, ingredients, materials, and free DIY videos you will need to begin making your own funomenal treats.

Art De Gelatin also offers private lessons to individuals and small groups in the Los Angeles area, and soon on Google Helpouts.

For more information, please contact us at  artdegelatin@gmail.com, 818-355-2018, or on Facebook.

For Written instructions, tips and tricks: Click here

as seen on TV; PART 1

as seen on TV; PART 2

Gelatin Cakes on KTLA

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