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We offer classes to those who wish to master the art of making edible glass like creations using gelatin. Call 818-355-2018 Today.

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About Us

Art De Gelatin

What is it? Art De Gelatin is a fun, creative, and delicious way of transforming ordinary gelatin into edible masterpieces.
Can I make it with my kids? You can make it with your kids, for your kids, and with a group of friends. It’s easy. Delicious. And the talk of any party!
How long does it take to learn? Watch any one of my free tutorials or sign up for a private class, and you’ll be on your way to creating your own masterpieces in a couple of hours.
Where do I begin? By visiting Art De Gelatin’s store page, you will gain access to hundreds of tools and products you need to get started.

How Did It Start?

Edible desserts that have colorful floral bouquets suspended in clear gelatin offers a visual treat and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the dining table. If you have often admired enticing artistic gelatin desserts at parties and have been thinking about learning the art of creating stunning pieces of edible art, Art De Gelatin is the place to be.

Art de Gelatin


North Hollywood CA


Art De Gelatin offers classes to those who wish to master the art of making edible glass like creations using gelatin. The 3-4 hour class covers Wine and Flowers while the 4-5 hour class covers Fruits. The 8 hour class includes Wine glasses, Fruit pies, Flowers, Images / photos. Students can learn how to transform simple ingredients into 3 dimensional master pieces in-house.

NO minimum requirement for the course. Tools and products for the class are provided in addition to recipes and tips. You may also purchase tools and products at cost price in case you need them for future use.

Who Should Join?

Whether you are a group of enthusiastic people wanting to learn something new while having fun or want your guests to have a blast at a party , or just want your catering employees to enhance their presentation skills, Art De Gelatin can arrange for customized classes based on your needs and budget.

About Rachel

Rachel Cohen

Art De Gelatin was founded by Rachel Cohen, a serial entrepreneur whose life experiences lead her to create a funomenal way for adults and children alike, to create delicious and beautiful 3D gelatin masterpieces.
Rachel is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 3. She served in the Israeli police force, was a caterer, a loan broker, and is a cancer SURVIVOR. Rachel now spends her time teaching the fast growing phenomena of 3D gelatin art creation.

How it’s done

to the best of my knowledge this art was originated in Mexico, thou some say Japan and the flowers are completely edible.

“When people see it for the first time, they usually ask, ‘How did you get the flower in there?’” they were amazed at the color and detail, they refuse to cut it but when they taste it for the first time, they always come back for more.

I learned a technique from several teachers and eventually developed my own easier faster technique and tools, to simplify the process so much so that a 10 Years old can dmake a flower at first attempt.

To begin, I make clear gelatin, usually in a round mold. The powder is mixed with distilled water, citric acid, sweetener and flavor, then sets up in about several hours and can be enhanced with flavors.(see recipe under recipes tab)

When the gelatin is firm, I turn the mold over. This is where the technique begins. With a variety of styluses, i cut into the bottom of the gelatin, making flower petals, leaves and a stamen.

Then, with bright, edible, milk-based gelatin, I insert colors into the cuts. Depending on the type of flower, the color may be inserted with a syringe, eyedropper or metal star tip, the kind normally used with a pastry bag and more.

The time it took to make a flower is 5 minutes, Advanced practitioners can put animals and other shapes into the gelatin and then again “practice makes Perfect”

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Discover the extraordinary effects you can achieve

I will teach you how to transform glass like gelatin into 3D floral designs. These colored flowers and fruits suspended in clear gelatin, create the look of glass work. Equally important, the gelatin can be flavored making these works of art exciting to taste and view. Gelatin, students will take home their gelatin masterpiece..


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